Mayors Day of Recognition for National Service


On Tuesday April 9, 2013, the first-ever Mayors Day of Recognition for National Service united mayors across the country to spotlight the impact of national service and to honor those who serve.

The Corporation for National and Community Service reports that altogether, 832 mayors in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, Guam, and Puerto Rico officially recognized the work that AmeriCorps members and Senior Corps volunteers are doing to make cities better and stronger. Together, these mayors represent nearly 100 million citizens, or nearly one-third of all Americans.  

This initiative was led by the Corporation for National and Community Service, Cities of Service, the National League of Cities, and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

Why a Day of Recognition?

As solution-focused local elected officials, mayors understand the key role citizens play in meeting community needs. A coordinated day of recognition presents a unique opportunity to spotlight the key role that national service plays in solving pressing problems. Participating in the day will highlight the importance of citizen service, bolster support for nonprofit and national service groups, and help bring more city residents into service.

Use this link for more information about the initiative:  Mayors Day of Recognition for National Service

Mayor's Initiative Bayville

Locally, Bayville Mayor Doug Watson could not have been a more appropriate or poignant supporter of the initiative.  He was personal friends of our dear founder Joan Imhof, whose bright spirit remains with us cheering us on as we work with our amazing AmeriCorps friends and the other disaster groups in Super Storm Sandy recovery work. Mayor Watson took a tour of the LIVOAD Volunteer Recovery Center (VRC) with Doug Doxey, our warehouse manager extraordinaire, and convened with representatives from the Red Cross, Project Hope, AmeriCorps St. Louis ERT and the Long Island Volunteer Center.  Mayor Watson talked about how devastated Bayville was in the aftermath of Sandy and of his mitigation plans to protect its residents.  We are very happy to have been invited by the mayor to create a community service event in the future that would include LIVC, Red Cross, Project Hope, AmeriCorps and others.

Mayor's Initiative Massapequa Park

Later in the day, Long Island Volunteer Center member Laura Messano, who has been working across Long Island each day with all the various disaster groups, arranged for representatives of Massapequa Park Mayor James Altadonna, Jr.’s office to visit the VRC. We provided them with a tour of the facility and spoke about disaster relief experiences and future disaster recovery plans post-Sandy .  The representatives brought a wonderful proclamation that recognizes the hard work being done in disaster relief and recovery through the VRC.

A huge thanks to Mayor Watson and Mayor Altadonna and his office for their wonderful recognition and support of volunteers working on Long Island!

The Long Island Volunteer Center is an affiliate of HandsOn Network and has been designated as one of ten Regional Volunteer Centers by the New York State Commission for National and Community Service to help empower non-profit organizations in their regions to build strong volunteer programs that will help those in need and to enrich the lives of those who volunteer.



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