Help Our Wounded Warriors with Trackchairs by Ordering Replica of Picture of US Presidents


At the 2013 National Conference on Volunteering & Service sponsored by Points of Light and held this past week in Washington, DC, Bill O’Reilly, host of television’s O’Reilly Factor spoke about an auction and sale that he has spearheaded after meeting a pilot who was trying to raise funds to purchase Action Trackchairs for the more than 1,700 veterans wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan who lost limbs or were paralyzed as a result of their service.  “When reality sinks in and the injured realize how dependent they are without all functioning limbs, often there are severe psychological consequences.  Many of the soldiers and Marines who lost limbs were self-reliant achievers, who lived life on their own terms.”¹  These Action Trackchairs will enable these vets to reach areas not accessible in an everyday wheelchair.  The chair allows for more freedom and independent movement.  It enables our wounded vets to go hunting, fishing, to the beach and so much more.

You can order a facsimile of one of the signed pictures of the five currently living US presidents by donating $25 to the  All donations will go to the purchase of these chairs for our wounded vets.  O’Reilly announced at the conference that the funds from the auction of the eight original signed pictures plus the funds being raised from the purchase of the facsimiles will allow for the purchase of a chair for each of the over 1,700 vets needing these chairs.  To make a $25 donation and to receive your facsimile picture suitable for framing, go to this link and click on the orange and yellow box:

Independence Fund

It is amazing to see what we can accomplish when we work together to become “One America”!

¹The War on Terror: Up Close and Personal by Bill O’Reilly for; Thursday, May 2, 2013
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