Volunteers Needed for 41st UN Inter-Agency Games @ Hofstra University from Tuesday, April 22 through Sunday, April 27, 2014

Be a Volunteer at the 41st United Nations
Inter-Agency Games!


Do not miss this wonderful opportunity to be a part of the excitement at the 41st United Nations Inter-Agency Games which will be held for the first time on Long Island at Hofstra University in Hempstead!

Volunteers are needed to support the operations of the inter-agency games in the areas of: Airport Operations, Registration, Transportation, Field of Play, Athletes / Officials, Scoring / Results, Sports Info Desk, Event Logistics, Media Services, Excursions, Venue Operations, Ceremonies, Hospitality, Security, Volunteer Services, Catering Services, IT Services, Delegation Services, Spectator Services.  Several shifts are available depending on the assignment.  You must be 18 years of age or older to volunteer at this event.

Please register as a volunteer with the Long Island Volunteer Center using this link:


Then express your interest in volunteering at the games using the link below and an IAG volunteer leader / coordinator will contact you to confirm participation and provide directions for this opportunity:


In 1968 the “Commission des Sports de l’Association du Personnel de l’UNESCO” organized an omnisports meeting in Paris against a team from UN Geneva. In 1971, UN Geneva organized the first multi-institutional sports competition in Champéry, Switzerland. Ten organizations of the UN System with offices in Europe participated.

The Games included the following disciplines: chess, football, table tennis, tennis and men’s volleyball. Thus the United Nations Inter-Agency Games were initiated and the principle of alternating the venue and the responsibility for the organization of the Games among the UN organizations in Geneva, Rome, Vienna and Paris were adopted. General Rules for the Games were adopted and a Control Commission established to assure their adherence. Over the years, the Games have developed from 5 disciplines and some 350 participants to 13 disciplines and more than 1000 participants.

At the outset the purpose of the Games was modestly defined as ” to enable the staff members of the Agencies and organizations of the United Nations family to know each other through sports meetings and thereby to improve mutual understanding and working relations ” (Article 1 of the General Rules).

At the 2012 Olympic Games, the Secretary-General of the United Nations conveyed the message to the world that sports can be used for humanitarian, development and peace building initiatives. For the past 40 years, the staff of the United Nations has emphasized that same message by organizing the United Nations Inter-Agency Games (UNIAG). Through the universal language of sport, individual staff members from all agencies and organizations of the United Nations system unite once a year to reaffirm their commitment to the dignity and worth of every human person.

For the first time in its history, the 41st United Nations Inter-Agency Games will mark a historic moment as the first Games hosted by the staff of the United Nations Headquarters in New York. The United Nations accepts this challenge with great pride and welcomes the opportunity to highlight the role of the United Nations in building respect, fellowship and health through sport.



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