Warming Centers Open in Nassau & Suffolk Counties; What to do when Temperatures Plummet

Cold WeatherDue to the freezing cold temperatures Nassau and Suffolk County have opened up warming locations for residents equipped with DVD’s, hot beverages, television, and games. Here is a list of some of the warming shelters that have been opened for the cold weather. For more information visit the Nassau and Suffolk County websites.

Suffolk County Locations:

Rose Caracappa Senior Center, 739 Route 25A, Mt. Sinai
Henrietta Acampora Recreation Center, 39 Montauk Highway, Blue Point
Mastic Recreation Center, 15 Herkimer Street, Mastic
St. Michaels Recreation Center, 100 Wilson Avenue, Gordon Heights
New Village Recreation Center, 20 Wireless Road, Centereach

If you are homeless in Suffolk County and in need of shelter you can call their shelter hotline at 631-854-9517 Monday- Friday from 8 am – 4 pm. After 4:30 pm call 631-854-9100.

Nassau County Locations:

Salvation Army Freeport, 66 Church St, 9:30-4:30
Town of Oyster Bay, Hicksville Community Center, 28 W. Carl St. Hicksville
Town of Oyster Bay Ice Skating Center at Bethpage, 1001 Stewart Ave, Bethpage
Glen Cove Senior Center, 130 Glen St, Glen Cove 9:00-5:00
Long Beach Public Library, 111 W. Park Ave, Long Beach, 11:00-9:00

Nassau County has recently begun to implement their Winter Homeless Hotline, WARMBED. If you are homeless in Nassau County and in need of shelter call 866-927-6233.

Hempstead warming centers will be open at the following locations from
9 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday:

* Baldwin Senior Center, 1810 N. Grand Ave., Baldwin;

* Bellmore Senior Center, 2000 Bellmore Ave., Bellmore;

* Cedarhurst Seniors in the Park, 200 Cedarhurst Ave., Cedarhurst (open until 4:30 p.m.);

* East Meadow Senior Center, 1485 Front St., East Meadow;

* Elmont Senior Center, 138 Elmont Rd., Elmont;

* Franklin Square Senior Center, 1182 Martha Place, Franklin Square;

* Green Acres Senior Center, 400 Flower Rd., Valley Stream;

* Levittown Senior Center, 555 Newbridge Rd., Levittown;

* Merrick Senior Center, 2550 Clubhouse Rd., Merrick;

* Oceanside Senior Center, 2900 Rockaway Ave., Oceanside;

* Rosa Parks Senior Center, 2 Babylon Tpke., Roosevelt;

* Salisbury Senior Center, 460 Salisbury Park Dr., Westbury;

* Uniondale/Hempstead Senior Center, 840 Uniondale Ave., Uniondale;

* Uniondale/Merrick Senior Center, 750 Jerusalem Ave., Uniondale;

* Wantagh Senior Center, 1150 Seamans Neck Rd., Wantagh.

In addition, the Hempstead Senior Center, 260 Clinton St., Hempstead, will be open on Wednesday and Friday from 9 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.

January 7, 2015

PSE&G Responds to Cold Weather Challenges
(NEWARK, NJ – Jan. 7, 2015) – With frigid weather gripping the region, Public Service
Electric and Gas Company (PSE&G) is monitoring its gas system and taking steps to
ensure it can meet the demands of customers. These steps include maintaining and
adjusting pressure at various points in our system.

The utility also has extra personnel on hand to respond as quickly as possible and
handle emergency requests. Both PSE&G’s appliance service business and call centers
are prepared to respond to an influx of customer “no heat” calls as temperatures remain
extremely low during the next few days.

“Since Tuesday, we have received about 2,500 ‘no heat’ calls from customers,” said
Mike Schmid, director-appliance service. “We have all available technicians on hand to
respond to these service requests as quickly as possible. Customers also should be
aware that although their heating systems may be working properly, the frigid
temperatures are making it difficult to maintain the same thermostat setting.”

PSE&G offers the following tips to stay warm and safe during this current cold snap:

Seal up openings around and under doors and windows
Close and latch your windows
Lower thermostats serving unused rooms
Close dampers in unused fireplaces
Move furniture and drapes away from heating registers, radiators, and
baseboard element covers
Remove or cover window air conditioners to reduce drafts. Install insulated or
lined drapes on your windows
Open your curtains and blinds that face the sun on sunny days to warm your
home, and close them at night to keep the warm air inside
Keep your garage door closed, if the garage is attached to the house
Check for sufficient water levels in the sight glass for steam heating systems
to ensure maximum efficiency
Clean or replace the furnace filter on hot air heating systems

Be cautious when using space heaters. Read and follow the manufacturer’s
instructions and heed warning labels. Be sure all members of the household
understand how to operate space heaters safely.

Don’t try to use a gas oven or range to heat a room – the appliance will
deplete oxygen from the air, causing asphyxiation or deadly carbon monoxide
poisoning. Carbon monoxide (CO) — an invisible, odorless, tasteless and nonirritating
gas — is the leading cause of accidental poisoning in the United
States. Natural gas, oil, propane, coal or wood all produce CO.
The first line of defense against CO poisoning is to make sure all your fuelburning
appliances operate and are maintained properly. These appliances
include gas and oil furnaces, water heaters, gas ranges, space heaters, and
gas clothes dryers. Improperly vented fireplaces and charcoal grills can also
give off CO.

Invest in carbon monoxide detectors as back-up protection, not as a substitute
for proper use and maintenance of the fuel-burning appliances. CO alarms
can provide an early warning to consumers before CO builds up to a
dangerous level. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission
recommends placing a carbon monoxide alarm in every area of the house. If
just one alarm is installed, it should be placed near the sleeping rooms of the
house. If you already have one, remember to check the batteries regularly.
Be safe around natural gas. If you smell a weak gas odor, check the pilot
lights and burner valves on your gas appliances. Open doors and windows to
let in fresh air. Call PSE&G immediately. If the odor is strong, get out of the
building immediately and call PSE&G from a nearby phone. Do not use the
phone in the building or any electrical equipment, including electric switches
and thermostats, because they can make sparks and cause a fire. Do not use
matches, or light a gas appliance. If you are outdoors and smell gas, call
PSE&G immediately at 1-800-490-0045.

You can help keep your natural gas supply flowing by keeping your meter free of snow
and ice. If you are a natural gas customer whose gas meter is on the outside of your
home or business, please take the following precautions:
Clear snowdrifts away from the meter and piping.
Do not pile snow on top of the gas meter or around its connecting piping when
you are shoveling your premises.
Brush snow from the meter and piping before a thick layer of ice builds up.
Clear snow from dryer vents to prevent fumes from backing up into your


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