Promoting Volunteerism to Improve the Quality of Life Across Long Island
58 Hilton Avenue, Hempstead, NY  11550
516-564-5482 / 516-564-5481


Who Are We?

  • In 2011, the Long Island Volunteer Center (LIVC) was designated by New York State as the Regional Volunteer Center (RVC) for Nassau and Suffolk Counties.
  • The LIVC was established in 1992 as a member of the Points of Light Foundation Volunteer Center National Network.
  • The Long Island Volunteer Center, an affiliate of the HandsOn Network since 2008, is the resource center for volunteerism and community service initiatives on Long Island, connecting agencies seeking volunteers with individuals and groups looking for ways to serve their communities.
  • All our services are provided free of charge throughout the year.
  • The Long Island Volunteer Center is a 501(c) 3 independent nonprofit organization.

Our Mission

  • To promote volunteerism on Long Island.
  • To build capacity for nonprofits to manage volunteer resources.
  • To promote and sponsor National Days of Service.

 What is Our Role in the Community?

  • We are a resource center for volunteer needs.
  • We assist volunteer coordinators in recruiting and managing volunteers.
  • We help promote the reach and impact of volunteerism.
  • We promote corporate social responsibility.

How Can We Help You Get Started Volunteering?

  • We seek to facilitate the process by connecting individuals to meaningful experiences through volunteering.
  • Ask yourself some questions like:  What am I interested in doing as a volunteer?  What issues are important to me?  How much time do I have available to volunteer?  When and where would I be available to volunteer?  Do I want to learn something new or do something that uses my current skills?
  • Call, email or visit us on our website.
  • Visit us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

How Do We Assist Nonprofits?

  • We maintain a website and seasonal volunteer opportunities lists which allow nonprofit agencies to post their volunteer opportunities as they arise.
  • We publish a directory of volunteer opportunities which can be found at library reference desks throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties.
  • Our Facebook and Causes pages help promote volunteer needs and themes.
  • We sponsor the Annual Long Island Volunteer Fair held at Farmingdale State College.
  • We provide training opportunities for volunteer coordinators at local nonprofit agencies.
  • We promote National Days of Service.
  • We collaborate with academia, businesses, media and other nonprofit agencies to sponsor community service projects, volunteer recognition celebrations and a host of special events each year.

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